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    The following rules are in use:

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       The length of the searching text must be at least 2 characters.

       You can search by all known types of the author/creator's name spelling, including aliases.

       Authors presented with materials in Bulgarian and foreign languages could be found in both Bulgarian and Latin spelling by cross-reference searching. This option is available only for titles which are presented in the original and Bulgarian languages in our collections.

The result is ordered alphabetically by surnames. You can see the numbers of the books associated with every author displayed in the list as well.

Example: If you are searching for Chris. The results are as follow:

Search by: author = chris
Found: 15 records

Records from 1 to 15
Author(s) Count
Christ, Peter     1  
Christen, Tamara     1  
Christensen, Doris     1  
Christensen, J.     1  
Christensen, Karen     1  
Christiano, Marilyn Rice     1  
Christianson, Stephen G.     1  
Christie, Agatha - Mary Westmacott (alias)     15  
Christo,      4  
Hristakudis, Georgios Hristos     1  
Hristov, Boris Kirilov     5  
Hristov, Dobri     1  

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