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       Do not drop the initial articles (a, das, the) if the title you are searching for is not in Bulgarian.

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       You can use LIMITS options for this kind of searching. Set them by Set Limits button. One or more of the following search limits can be used:

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Example: If you are searching for the title Varna the results will be as following:

Search by: title = Varna
Found: 6 records

Records from 1 to 6
Title Author(s) ISBN Year
  Варна  [карта]     Варна,        954-579-200-0    2003 
  Варна  [карта]     Варна,        954-651-067-X    2002 
  Варна  [карта]     Варна,        954-651-067-X    2002 
  Варна  [карта]     Варна,        954-8717-36-0    2002 
  Варна през древността  [книга]     Стоянов, Петър Иванов       954-449-055-8    1998 
  Варна след Освобождението  [книга]     Денчев, Борислав       954-426-172-9    1998 

       The results are ordered alphabetically. To view the entire record please follow the link from the title field.

       Note: You can see only 15 records listed on each page.

       Each record is displayed in three forms: SHORT form, FULL form and ISBD form. You can switch between them using the buttons.

SHORT Form:In this format only the basic tags of the bibliographic description are displayed: Title, Author, Place of publishion, Publisher, Year, ISBN and Subjects tags.

FULL Form:All tags used in bibliographic description are displayed in this format. The user can find additional information about the call number, the shelving number and barcode and the status (available or not) of each copy.

ISBD Form: the bibliographic record is displayed according to the Insternational Standard for Bibliographic Description.

You can use NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to reach the Next/Previous record in the List of records which have been found. You can return to the List of records as well.

Following the link on the Author's name you can see the records associated with this author. The same option is valid for Subject Tags as well.

By using the button New search you can redefine the search criterias.