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    A bibliographic enquiry is a list of selected titles of books, articles, and electronic resources on a topic chosen by the reader.

    The enquiry is executed through a search in specialised databases, catalogues and card indices.

    The reader specifies the type of the documents, the language, as well as the time range of the included titles.

    The selected key words are reference points for the aspect and specifics of the selected topic.

    The service for execution of a bibliographic enquiry is paid, and the price depends on the retrospection of the reviewed sources. The bibliographic enquiries are ordered and received at the Information Center of the library. Upon request, they can be received in an electronic form.

    The deadline for execution and preparation of the bibliographic enquiry is specified in an e-mail.

    To familiarise yourself with the procedure for use of our services, please refer to the Library Rules of Service.

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